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Larry Becker's "Nine Ninja Secrets for New Periscopers"

Larry Becker Scopes regularly on Periscope and other video topics. Click on the below button to check his latest Scopes including any live Scopes he might be doing right now


Below are my notes from a recent Periscope where Larry gave tips for newbie Periscopers.  You can also watch the replay of the Scope here:

1.  Use two devices when doing a Scope. For example 2 cell phones or 1 cell and 1 tablet.  One for notes and one for your broadcast.  You can also use the second device to watch your own scope so you can see it as a viewer.  This lets you make text comments, responding to other people's text comments.

2.  When not doing your own scope you can use multiple devices to watch two or more live scopes at once -- so you won't miss your fav Scopes if they are live at the same time.

3. Follow cool Scopers and help them with relevant comments.  Over time the broadcaster will notice helpful commenters and might follow you -- and will most likely mention you in their scopes -- and get you more followers

4. Short Periscope titles with numbers brings people into your scopes.  People respond to short titles that include Numbers -- such as "9 Ninja Secrets...."

5. Turning on precise GPS locations in your Scope settings will get you more visitors, but it is potentially dangerous.  The good: That gets you shown on the Periscope map -- which brings in the viewers.  If you turn it on make sure you are in a safe location -- perhaps a coffeeshop, for example.  

6. Enter text in your device in advance for quick posting.  If there is something you need to say on a regular basis  (in IOS iphones, etc,  go to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.  You'll see replacement text using letters A-Z.)

7.  Put emojis in your comments. That makes them more visible to both the Scoper and the other viewers.  

8. Any time you have a long comment or your Scope's Title -- copy it. Then if you need to re-enter it again (for example if the moderator misses your comment, or someone asks you to repeat the comment) you can easily repaste it back in. 

9. Larry's 9th comment was a gag.  You'll have to watch the replay to be able to see the gag.

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