The Original Rowby

Hello all.  Just to get started I want to explain that I am the Original Rowby.  There are other "Rowbys" in the world but I am the first Rowby.  I'll tell you how "Rowby" began and how it came to be that there are now so many "Rowbys" out there.

Rowby Emmy
Vacuuming my Emmy

The last I checked via Google here are some of the current "Rowbys":  Rowby Coollabizt, John Rowby DeBacker, Parker "Rowby" Culp, Rowby Bulenz, Rowby John Rodriguez, Rowby Canton  and so on. It appears that, through no efforts of my own, new Rowbys are being born on a continual basis.

In addition there are fictional characters with my name. There was a Rowby on "Dukes of Hazard" and a Rowby made an appearance on the Bob Newhart Show.  There is a puppet production touring the USA called the Adventures of Rowby.  

It's not that I am that prolific, but here's how "Rowby" all started.....

When I was 20 years old I was hired to write the groundbreaking NBC comedy series "Laugh-In'.  It was in the top ten (usually in the top 5) shows in the ratings.  Among the stars it featured were Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin.  And a whole bunch of other comedy crazies.  Well I sent in 10 jokes to the Producer and two days later I met with him -- and he hired me on the spot. It was an amazing accomplishment for a kid with no credits. Every comedy writer in Hollywood wanted to write on Laugh-In -- but I was the one who was selected.  Anyway I had another name at the time (My real name...).  I wanted my name on the credits to be different. My original name started with the letter "R".  I read somewhere that when criminals change their name they often keep the first letter.  So started with the alphabet.

RA,  nope.  RE, nope. RO -- that' sounded good.  Then for the second syllable I again started with the alphabet

ROA nope.  ROB --- Hmmmm....   ROBE?    Nope.  Rowby?   YES.  I immediately knew "Rowby" was perfect. And that's the name I used for Laugh-In -- and for all of my other comedy writiing for over 2 decades.   At the time there was no other Rowbys.  About 5 years after I created the name "Rowby", a fan contacted me and said they saw a popular book "What To Name Your Baby"..  And in it was the name "Rowby".  In the description of the name Rowby, it gave as an example "Comedy writer "Rowby Goren".....

Years later I would google "Rowby" and little by little more "Rowby's" started popping up -- or should I say "popping out".  So I can credit both the "What to name the Baby" book, and Dukes of Hazzard, Bob Newhart, and a traveling puppet show for procreating my name throughout the USA and even the world.

While I am the Original Rowby I welcome all Rowbys.  In fact, the more Rowbys the better!

For those who care -- here's my mini-bio

Rowby With Emmy
Rowby's Emmy

Rowby Goren is an Emmy winning comedy writer and has written for some of television's top and most popular TV shows, including the classic ground-breaking TV series "Laugh-In". Rowby's writing talents range from situation comedy, game shows, cartoons, as well as directing Joe Roth and Neal Israel's comedy feature Cracking Up. Rowby was a part of Joe Roth and Neal Israel's cult classic filmTunnel Vision. Rowby won an Emmy for writing Hollywood Squares. He also wrote for numerous cartoon series including Fat Albert, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, The Berenstain Bears, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Tiny Toon Adventures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Brothers, Where's Waldo, and many many more -- as well as live action Saturday morning series such as various Sid and Marty Krofft's H.R. Pufnstuf series.

Rowby has embraced internet video since its infancy. He has been producing video for the world wide web years before YouTube.  IHe's participated in breakthrough live streaming of the Academy Award Oscars using Windows Media and Ustream.

Today Rowby is looking forward to all of the emerging new live stream opportunites for both entertainment and business.

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